Cauvery Issue, War against Evil, The Sluggish Economy..... continue to haunt us. And....There are "The Others" who have other vital problems to handle. This Diwali (Y2K+2), Ajith's V I L L A N and Vijay's B H A G A V A T H Y hit the so-called Silver Screen. Even b4 we know whether the movie is a hit or a flop......the movie mania had hit their fans. Another War has started - "The Fan War". No Guns....No Blood.....Only Brush and some Paint shed.

The Day: Diwali Eve The Place: Arumbakkam, Chennai (Close to Annanagar) The People: Crazier than me

Yemanodu Vilayadu, Villanodu Vilayadathey!
Vithiyudan Mothu. Vijayudan Mothathey
The Reply: Vithiyai Vellum Villangal. (To be noticed: No Reel - No Bandha!)
Yaanayin Balam Thumbikayil - Bhagavathyin Balam Ungal Kayil
He Heee.....Solution to Cauvery Problem
Do you remember, Ajith's "Vathi Kuchi Pathikathuda" Song? Here's the reply
Eyarkaikku Azhivundu - Villanukku Azhivey Illai
Bhagavaney Vanthalum - Bhagavathiyai Azhika Mudiyathu
Malayodu Mothu - Yengal Thalayodu Mothathey (Ultimate Star...A1 Ajith)
Setril Mulaipathu Pasumpul - Bhagavathy
Kappal Illatha Thuraimugama! - Ajith Illatha Thirai Ulagama!!
Paambai Kandaal Padayey Nadungum!- Bhagavathy Kandaal Thirayulagamey Nadungum!!
Nethiyila Adicha Pattai - Villan Adicha Mattai???
Deepavali yandru Thamizhagathai Kalakka Varugirar...Bhaghavathy
Thalai Irukkum Bothu Vaal Aadakudathu
Joke of the Year: MGR...Rajini....Ajith???
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Vijay's Fan Club
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