One God but so many faces - "Ganesha the Style God"

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Rajini's BABA Ganesh

Rajini's BABA Ganesh

Hibiscus Ganesh

Hibiscus Ganesh

Ganesha on Moon

Royal Ganesh

Shiva-Parvathi Ganesh

Aries Ganesh

Taurus Ganesh

Gemini Ganesh

Cancer Ganesh

Leo Ganesh

Virgo Ganesh

Scorpio Ganesh

Capri Ganesh

Pisces Ganesh

Snake Ganesh

On Deer

On Garuda

On Eagle

On Horse(Baba)

On Himself

Baby Ganesh

Rajini Style


Work in Progress

Painting Done


Three Faces


Inside Linga

Baba Ganesh Close-up

On Ganesha's Request

Meet ya Next Year with

  • Sachin Tendulkar Ganesh
  • Spiderman Ganesh
  • Sam-Fox Ganesh

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