Thavamaai Thavamirunthu

: Cheran, Rajkiran & Padmapriya

Music: Sabesh - Murali

Director: Cheran

Beyond any doubt this could be placed amongst the best tamil movies till date. Every single viewer could relate to the movie; such was the theme chosen by Cheran. The story on a father's love had a brilliant performance by Rajkiran and good support from others. Several awards are reserved for this movie. Released in December.


: Rajini, Prabhu & Jyothika

Music : Vidyasagar

Director : P Vasu

270+ Days. Pure Rajini Magic! The film grossed an estimated 70 Crore! The highest for a tamil movie. Infact except for Rajini there was nothing else in this movie. A bad remake of malayalam hit from Fazil with an average music score, seen before comedy, no punch dialogues; had the magic word Rajini and that made all the difference


: Vikram & Sadha

Music: Harris Jeyaraj

Director: Shankar

125 Days. Shankar and Vikram joined hands to give this entertainer. Shankar's brilliance combined with Vikram's performance ensured that this movie was a hit in all regions. Vikram's performance as a person with multiple personality disorder bettered everyone else who had done this role before. The climax sequence was the highlight.


: Surya & Asin

Music: Harris Jeyaraj

Director: A R Murugadoss

Towards 100 days. Though the concept was a rip-off of Nolan's Memento, I think comparisons would insult the english masterpiece. The concept was new for the tamil audience. Viewers enjoyed Surya's character as a short term memory loss patient. Asin's comedy timing and Harris's music contributed to the success of the film. Director Murugadoss looks promising with 3 consecutive hits


: Vijay & Trisha

Music: Dheena

Director: Perarasu

200 days. This masala movie had everything required for a hit movie but it was Vijay's presence that made it a Super Hit. It was raining money across the state. Vijay's popularity grew multi fold. Trisha and Vijay re-created the Ghilli magic. No good competition helped this movie.

Arindhum Ariyamalum

: Navdeep, Aarya & Samiksha

Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja

Director: Vishnuvardhan

125 days. Made out of a simple budget, this was one of the movies which gave best returns. A director's movie. Good Narration and Yuvan's music made all the difference. Ofcourse, all the actors played their role to perfection. Aarya got noticed more than the actual hero.

Kanda Naal Muthal

: Prasanna, Karthik & Laila

Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja

Director: Priya V

Towards 100 days. A decent family entertainer. A simple film with good comedy and slick screenplay reached audiences across all centres. Yuvan Shankar's music had its role too. Prakash Raj, as producer, tasted success again.

Ullam Ketkumey

: Shyam, Aarya, Laila, Asin & Pooja

Music: Harris Jeyaraj

Director: Jeeva

100 days. The film was delayed by over 2 years and when it hit the theatres there was luke warm response. It was the timely word of mouth that helped. A clean college entertainer with good starcast. Did well in A & B Centres


: Vijay & Asin

Music: Srikanth Deva

Director: Perarasu

Towards 100 days. Director Perarasu establishes himself as a good masala director by giving two big hits in the same year. The movie, though has resemblanecs to Thirupaachi was enjoyed by Vijay fans, who have made this movie a hit, despite the heavy rains. Vijay's confidence in the director is justified.


: Jeeva & Gajala

Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja

Director: Amir

100 days. A fast paced thriller with an underlying mother-son sentiment. Though director Amir's earlier movie (Mounam Pesiyathey) was appreciatedby all, the collection was mediocre. This time he hit gold. Jeeva has played his role to perfection and Yuvan Shankar's music added to the thrill.


Other Notable Releases
Aayul Regai Anbey Vaa Mumbai Express
Boldest experiment of last year. Excellent effort in tamil cinema.

A rich mother produced a movie for her son! Hero's interview in Sun TV was comedy no:1

An over confident Kamal came up with a crap and called it comedy. Biggest Flop of 2005

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