Everything you didn't want to know about Gokul
but he chose to tell you anyway

Hi!  It's me, Gokul Santhanam. Glad to see that you've stumbled onto my little "home" on the internet. First of all, allow me to confess to you something very important,...... that I didn't know what INTERNET was untill my best friend, Sanjay told me about it. Thank u Sanjay!!

I am in my thirties and am currently working in the Human Resources Department of Mphasis, Chennai (India). I do like and enjoy my job, it gives me a chance to meet different people and help the organization in my own little ways.

Friends call me Goks. Being the only child, my immediate family consists of only my parents & wife (but they mean the world to me). If not for Santhanam and Hemavathy, you would have missed this wonderful page. Born to a teluguite father and a tamil mother (bonded by LOVE marriage), I have more affinity towards tamil and speak (kinda) Telugu. I got married to Viji in 2005 and since then I have one more person to tolerate me. Viji is the most lovable person in this universe and....she reads this page often! Our world revolves around, Akhil (akhil.ind.in) and Ankita(ankita.ind.in). I get numerous requests asking for my birth day. I do not celebrate this day and would prefer to be left alone on this day.

As narrated by "Rowdy" Rangan

This guy did his schooling at DON BOSCO, Egmore and feels very proud about it. Maybe the school has done a lot for him and has helped him to be what he is today but just ask that selfish fellow... What he did for his school? His parents should have stopped him after school but again fate played a cruel role and he went on to become an Electronics & Communication Engineer from Sri Venkateswara College of Engineering (S.V.C.E), Sriperumbudur... close to Chennai (which is probably the city that most people know from Tamil Nadu). College life is fun but this guy had double, triple fun. You know something he was always with his junior batches (and the opposite sex in particular). I would also blame his professors Prof. Lakshminarayan and Prof. Ganghadaran without whose encouragement Gokul and his TIME PASS GANG (what a crazy name for a cultural team) wouldn't have been so successfull in culturals. An MBA in HR from XIME (Bangalore), taught him to apply managment thoughts while sleeping and use management jargons at work place. I "Rowdy" Rangan had to give this intro coz Mr. Modest Gokul does not like to blow his own trumpets :-)

I live in Chennai, south of India, with Viji, Akhil and my parents. This is the same guy who used to live in Bangalore ("Bang-A-Loor"), working for MphasiS and in Hyderabad, working for SerWizSol. I spend the rest of my time working on my computer, reading, going to movies (Ianguage no bar), singing, listening to music, photographing and doing every crazy thing possible. I have black hair (and some grey too!) and black eyes. There was a time when I used to only dress in formals and these days, I am allergic to formal wear!! I am extremely active on Facebook. You can follow me on Twitter too (gokulsan).

I believe that I am a very independent person. I don't like to depend on others (well that's basically the meaning of independent). Freedom means everything to me. I like to socialize with others and learn of their personality and life. I like to talk with my friends. Nevertheless, I still like to be alone at times to think(?). I like to go outa my way to help people. "Unconditional Love" & "Keeping Everyone Happy" are my prime values. I like to share my views only when asked for.

I like to "hang out" with my friends. I cherish every moment I can. Because life is short. You never know what will happen tomorrow. Do you agree?

I think people should enjoy life, no matter how harsh it can be. I think this way because I believe that anything can happen unexpectedly.

Other Feelings:

I believe in LOVE and what love can do. Love sometimes confuses you, makes you cry, may interfere with your concentration, leaves you with uncertainity and so on. I still think falling in love is the greatest thing in the world. The biggest challenge in this world is to find the right person to love and be certain that he/she is the one you truly love. LOVE makes you a full person. It helps you in every aspect of life. The very feeling that someone LOVEs you would enable you to do wonders. Let us all fall in LOVE......atleast once....for Love's sake.

For those who do not agree with me, please E-mail me and tell me why.

Well, that's my life story so far. I hope you think it's interesting.