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Since my website first went up in Geocities, back in mid-April of 1996, the quality of its context as well as the excellence in its design has been recognized by receiving numerous awards throughout the years. I am grateful for each one of them. It is at times like this that makes spending endless and sleepless hours before a computer creating webpages, learning new programs to help improve the quality of the design, and researching information worth the effort. So I want to thank all those who have given awards to this humble website, as well as all those who have one way or another nominated it for awards.

Presented by Annie (Canada) for my index page design (December 2001)

Creativity Award

I do not remember whether I applied or someone nominated me for this award (October 2000)

Creativity Award

Friends across the world have nominated my pages around 5 times for the Prestige Award (Last in August 2000)


An Easy to Market Site (Awarded in April 2000)


Thats Useful & This is Cool Award (December 1999)

That's Useful This Is Cool Award Winner!


The Fox presented this award in early 1999 for Humour and Excellence in Design

Gifted Fox Award


I asked her to review my page and she said I deserved this -Thanx Laila (Norway)

Best International Award


Reviewed and Quality Rated as - 5 Star (1998)


This award was sent to me by Nithya (Australia)


"Udderly Fantastic" said Julie (Malaysia)

Udderly Fantastic Award


I wake up one morning to find this Award in my maibox from an annonymous friend


Nominated by Lakshmi Pabha (Germany) - 1997


Honestly, I do not know what this means!! Anyway Thanx Sushil (Delhi, India)

Michael say's mine was the first Indian Site to get this award


Golden Windmill Award -1997

Golden Windmill Award


"Star Status" - attained in 1997


The WWW Award - Dec 1996


My first award in October 1996

The Author of this page is a member of

The HTML Writers Guild