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253 09/Feb/2006 Raj Ilango Coimbatore Super Page Thaliva!
252 26/Dec/2005 Sumi Shanmugam USA Good JOB Kannu
251 02/Dec/2005 Rina Malaysia Cool site! Keep it up.
250 07/Nov/2005 Venkatachalam Thiruppathi Lecturer,ECE Dept,PSG Tech,Coimbatore. I really like Ur Kavithaigal.They are Splendid,Superb,Marvellous,Scintillating,Excellent and what not.
249 05/Nov/2005 Rajasekar Trivandrum Hoi Gokul, G'morning! saw ur site. really Coooooool :-)) Keep it Uppppppp !!!!! try kavidhaihal by Thabu sankar (Vetkathai kettal yenna thruvai ?) Hats off to U for wonderful website.
248 12/Oct/2005 Ashok Kumar Kerala very good
247 11/Oct/2005 Ashel Good
246 27/Aug/2005 Raihana Malaysia I see ur websites it's great plz up to dated.....hei wanna be my friend.
245 29/May/2005 Devaraj Its a quiet intersting website. I was very much impressed by his kavithai site. Even I copied some of them for my friends.
244 18/Apr/2005 Srini India Dai, ennada ithu, adanga mattiya nee. Anni thitta poranga.
Ennammo sei.
243 14/Apr/2005 Sharanya India Tirumalai is a good movie. i really enjoyed while seeing that movie. the way Vijay acted was marvallous i must appriciate vijay!!!
242 16/Feb/2005 Thangaraj Bangalore Its the first time i logged in and felt so happy that i didnt waste my time and money instead of seeing sum porn websites. Thanks 4 that and keep entertaining.-Thanga.
241 05/Feb/2005 Jaganath Doss Chennai Hi Machi, your collection is very nice, please upload some "THUNDU" pictures so that every one will enjoy.Hope u do this for me. Regards from "ATC"- Accused Training Center, Sriperumbudur
240 06/Jan/2005 Venkatasubramanian Chennai Hi Gokul,i am still seeing the college kid in you!!!!.Nice one.still in hyderabad.
239 01/Jan/2005 Vidhya Bangalore I Love to login to your website i.e!!!!!!!
238 06/Dec/2004 Thayagam BalajiI Chennai Thala AJITH vazga Vijay oliga, malakitta mothu Thala kitta mothathay,Thala adicha nathiadi vijay adicha palli adi Hi Hi Hi Hiiii Thala da
237 05/Nov/2004 Nitin Hyderabad, India Today belongs to you. Just wanted to express that this is a lovely site. I really appreciate the effort that you have been putting in to update and maintain it despite such a busy schedule.
236 04/Nov/2004 Srini Kansas City, USA Goks.. very busy?? long time no updates on the page.. time kidaicha update pannikinnu appidiye nammakum oru kadudaasi ponduga thalaiva..
235 23/Sep/2004 Elanchezhian Jubail,Saudi Arabia Machi...nee Golti-ya...that too arava-golti...super mams
234 29/Jul/2004 Raghuschandra Bangalore Good Hrithik Roshan. Want to know litte bit of Kannada movies also...
233 28/Jul/2004 Umapathy Bristol UK Cool site. I really liked the kavithai's. Keep up the good work.
232 12/June/2004 Kal U did someting that should be praised. can u do for me a favour? i'm really interested in acting, singing, dancing and ect. so i don't want to waste my talent. could do please advice me what shoul i do?
231 25/May/2004 krishnakumari Hi Gogul, It's very fun and intersting reading your cinema page.Give some more intersting facts
230 20/Apr/2004 Bivin Bangalore I am very much interested in Acting as a comedian. i ve done more than 100 plays in stage as comedy actor. i want some contacts about Vivek sir, can u get me his address or number
229 27/Feb/2004 Samuel Rufus Hyderabad HI Goks, Awesome. Your website is always very interesting, informative and classically funny. I wonder where you get the time to maintain this site so consistently for so long now. Keep it up. God Bless. Rufi
228 26/Feb/2004 Matangi Bangalore This site was a pleasant surprise! Great work Goks! May you add more colors to your site and touch lives - in the real world as well as in the cyber world. All the very best! MJ
227 26/Feb/2004 Many T Austin - US All the pictures are fine. Especially 'Finding Nemo'?! I saw the film last weekend with my colleague's kids.
226 26/Feb/2004 koya Chennai Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee......Sollu Oruthu!!! Want More comment!!!
225 02/Jan/2004 Kumar Chennai ajith is the superstar.please show wall posters of ajith&vijay clashes in anchaneya thirumalai
224 26/Dec/2003 Sidhartha Chennai It is really cooooollll like cool jax... Your adventure trips and the place that you have been to seems amazing...
223 15/Dec/2003 Ruchi Sabherwal Bangalore Amazing pics Goks!
222 14/Dec/2003 Joji Dubai my friend
its fun to visit ur site
221 03/Nov/2003 lankanboy Canada nice site...keep up da work
220 15/Oct/2003 Mahesh Raman XIME, Bangalore Stunning snaps !!! I must tell you that the camera captured only 10% of what my heart got exposed to. Thanks for the great effort and must tell you that it comes as no surprise...... that quality is associated with Gokul Santhanam
219 12/Oct/2003 Preetha Chennai This site is just great .this site has so much of information too can u mail me gokul??
218 27/Aug/2003 Abbin Bangalore Great... I just saw Boys review. It's wonderful. Need to see other pages of ur website. Will get back.. Anyway I found a good entertaining webpage to visit again and again...
217 07/Aug/2003 Nanthini Reddy Malaysia Good One
216 09/Jul/2003 Oru Nalla Jeevan Canada I love all of ur poems. U r the greatest poet I have ever known.
Neeyum enai pola love panni failure aaki irukka vEnum endu ninaikiren
215 23/May2003 Aji Joseph Chennai Photos are tooooooooo Good..... I wish I were also there.....
214 23/May2003 Pravin Shekar Chennai Hassan: Nice pics, good composition. Switch to a higher resolution camera you bum, something like the new HP720 or above ;-) keep sending more pics and travelogues.
213 04/Apr/2003 Vikram Texas Hey! Gokul, I waz ur 2 yr junior at SVCE..VK bus..machi..u must be remembering me..just surfed thru ur website.. SVCE's news awesome da..just till the 98-99 batch though..try updating it.
212 27/Mar/2003 kajen CANADA VERY NICE
211 25/Mar/2003 FrankfurtMostWanted Germany Jo Jo this is a real good page!Respect!
210 27/Jan/2003 Achyut kumar boruah Hi,really commendable work!!!!!
209 31/Dec/2002 Naveen Tater Bendakaala-ooru One of the most distinct sites I have seen. Fun-yes. Novelty-yes. Most of all the captivity bit. Its mesmerising. Its, Its, Its Beautiful.
208 30/Dec/2002 Kavitha hi gokul, got a chance to go thru ur tamil cinema site. Its a good try. i think its been quite some time u have updated. i would suggest atleast a monthly update would encourage the viewers to see it frequently.
207 04/Dec/2002 Anjali Ohio, US u shud publish ur poems
206 29/Nov/2002 Nisha The homepage was wonderful.....but it was quite boring.....Maybe u people must add more information about actors 'n' actress....
205 27/Nov/2002 Donna Johnson Informative site
204 23/Nov/2002 Billy Bob Thornton Chicago Namaskara Mr. Gokul. Nice site. Would like to know what Cooljilax means. Is it possible that u can upload some cool movie songs in your site? - Bobby
203 17/Oct/2002 Narasimhan Bangalore This is indeed a lovely page... I am sure that you must have put in a lotta time despite your tight schedules at work that I am aware of to get this page going... looks really good... :)
202 08/Oct/2002 Sara England it is very good
201 03/Oct/2002 Kavitha its very nice
200 21/Sep/2002 Kamini Jobstreet, Bangalore Hi Gokul!, I am really amazed at the patience and inclination you have towards this website of urs. Keep it up!! On behalf of all those who saw your web site, you have some messages, that i am conveying: From Venky - " Good job maccha, nee orudahurava pannalu 100dharava pannamadri". From Priyanka- "Gokul! where do get so much time from"? From Anupama -" It's tooooo good!" From Me -"See...I have as much time as you to check and mediate ;)" GOOD JOB!!! From Manju -" Sakat specimen, super site"
199 11/Aug/2002 Shirl Pinto Bangalore Toooooooo gud!
198 28/Aug/2002 Narmi UK Very nice.. flashy home page :) Keep up the good work
197 06/Aug/2002 K Jayakumar Coimbatore I want list of all movies ran in a single theate? Because most of the movies ran 100 days after shifting the theatre from one to another.
196 11/May/2002 S.Harish XIME, Bangalore Nice work goks. good collection of memorable photos.
195 04/Apr/2002 Kaushik India Maama.........ithu ellaam unakke roimba overaa theriyalla? ........baba? ...aanulum unakku super nakkal.!!! nee nadathu!!
194 03/Apr/2002 Arthy Shankar India Dear Gokul,One person who has not lost his sense of humour is U !!
193 23/Mar/2002 Ravin India It would good if we get to chit chat with actors. TQ.
192 15/Feb/2002 Miss. Peruntha P Denmark I like it!
191 04/Feb/2002 Venoth & Leena Malaysia hey cool site! add more stuff regularly and you'll get more hits! keep it up!
190 04/Feb/2002 Mani   I saw that you have listedf 12B as a good movie. I think you should reserve your comments till you see "Sliding Doors" the original English Movie. Then you'll say the tamil movie is average and could have been taken so much better.
189 10/Jan/2002 Kumar R S   Good Job. Keep it going. let us know how much u know abt Kannada movies being in Karnataka.
188 10/Jan/2002 Paari Chicago, U S A Excellent Job Goks. Proved your creativity yet another time
187 05/Jan/2002 Kisorthman   this is a good website
186 05/Jan/2002 Santhan Rajah Sweden Nice page!
185 05/Jan/2002 Suchitra   hey gr8 photos mein..just superb...will always remain in the mind.....some moments...which one will always cherish....luv…suchitra
184 14/Dec/2001 Saba Suganthan London ,Uk Well done mate.!
183 25/Nov/2001 Bala Canada good
182 22/Nov/2001 Jaggi India Nice collection of woman beauties Goks.
181 22/Nov/2001 Rangax India Hey goks, Cool site. Wonderful work
180 12/Nov/2001 Robert Towers Australia I often look around for Tamil sites,and Tamil movies and music [modern classical I mostly like]..I'm not Indian,I'm Australian[white],But I'm learning to speak Tamil,it helps also that my wife is Indian/Tamil.Regards Robert..…
179 23/Oct/2001 Suggi   I love this page.
178 18/Oct/2001 Selvakumar   very good movie.everseen before like this movie with my wife.
177 05/Oct/2001 ~~~Thaya~~~ Toronto Your Site Is Very Nice....
176 05/Oct/2001 Thana Malaysia your web site very nice and funny.
175 31/Aug/2001 Vedansh1   Tu to bada tera ma ka ...
174 28/Aug/2001 Nalini Western Australia Liked it very much, keep up the good work
173 03/Aug/2001 Nirusha   Super Great website. I love it. Feel free to visit my website and please sign my guest book.
172 03/Aug/2001 Nitharshan   Super Great website. I love it.
171 02/Aug/2001 Sharmilan Uk very smart page mate, and some useful cinema news
170 16/Jul/2001 Arjumand Dallas Cool site!
169 10/Jul/2001 Santhan Rajah Sweden Good page.
168 10/Jul/2001 Ganesh Bangalore, India Quite a good coverage,but could better the narration.Good show Keep it up!!!
167 01/Jun/2001 Sumi   job indeed superb and all the best.
166 10/May/2001 Prabavathi Pune, India Why dont u put yr. photo also?
165 10/May/2001 Josekutty Chennai, India Vaatha bhaingaramma panra machi!!!Keep up the goood jilax work!!
164 10/Mar/2001 Indra Chennai I was shocked to see your 2000 yr songs listing. Ilayaraja is the worst/waste musician of the century. How can you rate him as first. Atleast now you have to change your view. Sorry [A mail was sent to Indira on the greatness of Illayaraja]
163 20/Feb/2001 Yoganand   mr.gogul ur web is nice
162 02/Feb/2001 Kishenjit Chennai, India Nice shaking page! Good job indeed, but you are making mockery of those who lost their life, property and families and even their livelihood. [This was a comment on the Quake simulation page, my appologies and intention was made clear to Kishen]
161 06/Dec/2000 Paddy California Super keep it up!
160 05/Dec/2000 Malavika Chennai thankz!!! that was beautiful.…keep it up!!!
159 05/Dec/2000 Vetti Pasanga Bangalore, India hey gokima,onnoda sooper dooper pagea innikku naanga(mili, deepa, bams, doobidoobi) paarthom.kalakkitta.ok,tamil cinema news eppo update panna pora? anyway,kalaisitta. keep up the good work. varrtta.
158 03/Nov/2000 Yemappadai Singara Chennai hi gocool,inna?keeriya?nee kaamchikina padamlaam seri sooper.inga pudcha ittha?un valai-idam meiyyaalume nallllllaa keethu.nadathu raja,nadathu.yemappadai.
157 02/Nov/2000 Malvi Bangalore, India excellent. there's no more words to say…
156 15/Oct/2000 Sidha Sambandan Uk Well done! Are there any newer movies of Shanker after Mudhalvan? I like his computer skills and effects! WOuld also like ot know if there are any films in which Monisha Korala (?) acts.Keep up the good work.
155 02/Sep/2000 Ravishekar Bolla Nalgonda, Ap Pictures Looks good. Keep it up yaar.
154 02/Sep/2000 Pradeep Bangalore, India mam, the home page is good. how did you find us. what answer should i write. i came to know from you. any way the home page is good.
153 07/Jul/2000 Liz Kottayam Gokul, u'll always remain KOOOoo....L!!!
152 07/Jul/2000 Ram Bangalore, India this photo really made me laugh! keep doing this great work, and bring laughter to everyone!
151 12/Jun/2000 Naveen Mumbai That's a commendable effort! where do you guys get the time and ideas to do this kind of stuff? The more impatient ones however may like the topics to be classified specifically under technology, news, corporate etc as line items so that one can browse what he/she is looking for quickly.Good Luck !
150 10/Jun/2000 Rosy Marcel Bangalore Hi Gokul, I liked the "Darwin you are wrong " mail of yours. Where do you find time for all this?
149 10/Jun/2000 Aji Bangalore A real cute one. xpect more of these kind.
148 08/Jun/2000 Lavanya U S A HI Goks,....This is a very nice thing to do as u r doing so many things just by one keeping in touch with old friends, helping to update their knowledge that too in an easier way .Keep up this spirit and add on more features.....say like a link even to a glossary of words so that if while reading the articles we don't undestand certain term s, we can immediately get to that link and understand the articles and not just read it....
147 10/Jun/2000 Aji Chennai a real good one .
146 10/Apr/2000 Theeps Navaratnam Canada Beautiful job keep it up!
145 16/Mar/2000 Jeyamathy Norway gr8
144 25/Feb/2000 Rama Harish India keep updating
143 25/Feb/2000 Charlottesville Uvi U S A i am sending this from states and what a wonderful director you are and hats off to you sir and keep up the good work and may god bless you...thanking you
142 27/Jan/2000 Tilak A.K.A Kooba Columbia,U S A cool site,waitin to hear more news frm our college..
141 11/Dec/1999 Karthik India Keep up the good work, Very nice page.
140 01/Nov/1999 Paappi Uganda i love gokul!!!!!!!!! i can't live without u [The mail ID was real and the person spoke to me on phone….hmmm…lost in time]
139 09/Sep/1999 Selvi Malaysia hai , i like your homepage. actually i want to know more about actor & actress vijay,arjit,simran,ramba,isha gopikar.Can u please send me vijay marrieged photo.I hear from my friend that your internet site is very fast and can receive more info about actor & actress, new movie and so. Thank you selvi
138 02/Sep/1999 Meha Singapore Very interesting!
137 28/Aug/1999 Mirnalini.B India its very nice.keep up the good work
136 17/Aug/1999 Gopal U S A Ivvalavu tight velai(?-liyum eppadi-da ippadi manage panre ? Anyway Its good.
135 13/Aug/1999 Narmi Canada LOVELY PAGE...Keep up the Good work
134 20/Jul/1999 Niroshini Norway IT`S GOOD PAGE AND BEUTY PAGE.
133 15/Jun/1999 Pravin Shekar Mars Well, finally managed to check into ur page. Good work - but Mr.Gokul - if u have the time to sit and update this page every now and then, why the hell can't u pen a few words in a mail and send it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep updating…
132 03/Jun/1999 Uma India I am originally from India, but I live in the U.S. Nice page dude, very creative. Yo Yo Yo don't forget 2 out some picturez of ur-self.
131 17/May/1999 Shyamis Dublin, Ireland I am glad I visited your page. I saw that you've won something in Harmony 93. That brings back good old memories. I was a student in CIT in 93. You've done a good job!!!
130 07/May/1999 Unni Krishnan Malaysia it's very nice. go ahead.
129 25/Mar/1999 Santhiya Malaysia an excellent homepage keep up the good work!!!!
128 25/Mar/1999 Navashnee Irusan South Africa i think your reviews are really good...keep up the good work!
127 18/Mar/1999 Major A J Vijayakumar Bombay,India A very good effort. Spread Tamil all around. Vazhha Thamil.
126 22/Feb/1999 Reena Prabahkar Madras Your site was interesting. Good job.I just happenned to read thru all the page of your work i was so excited because you live close to me in Madras. Me and my husband are from Chellapa Mudali Street, Otteri close to purasaiwalkam. I got married and moved to US last year. My parents still live there. This is the first time i am knowing somebody who is living close to us.
125 10/Feb/1999 Farook Coimbatore Great works and nice page
124 27/Jan/1999 Ganeshmurthy Doha-Qatar I am very much delighted to see the messages. Keep itup.Is it possible for me to get my favourite singer"shome address. If you provide me the address I will begrateful to you. [I had asked him for the singer's name but there was no response]
123 07/Jan/1999 Khiru Malaysia the best
122 16/Dec/1998 Wani Malaysia It's my first visit to this web-site. Well quite interesting and hopes to get more latest news.
121 14/Dec/1998 Silver Lady Scarborough Cool! You got some good pics and info
120 30/Nov/1998 Srinivasan C San Jose, U S A. Great work, man. In november (end of the month), i am seeing only july happenings. Pls make the latest events of the college registered in your site as soon as possible so that we can get the hot news.
119 27/Oct/1998 Gowri Singapore Interesting & Informative
118 15/Oct/1998 Balasubramanian Tirupati - India NICE WORK.
117 19/Sep/1998 Smita Dash Xime, Bangalore your are one among the very good persons i have come across [Suprising! This had nothing to do with my page….Thanx Smita]
116 06/Sep/1998 Shashi Malaysia This site is very nice site.
115 04/Sep/1998 Mathan Sweden Keep it up!
114 13/Aug/1998 Ramsudha Chennai very nice web page
112 02/Aug/1998 Satish Prabhakaran India Its good. For a student of SVCE it seems a bit old. Im sure viewers would love the latest, I mean, this years information about college.
111 27/Jul/1998 Jagadesh U S A Real Good To Hear Some S.V.C.E News After A Long Time.Hope U Keep Up The Good Work
110 04/Jul/1998 Nanthini Balasundharam Srilanka I like your homepage. That's very great idea. I like it. I like very much Ilayathalapathy Vijay's homepage. I want his e-mail address. Please If you know send me immediately.
109 06/Jun/1998 Kavitha Malaysia,Klang It's really fantastic, i like it very much.Keep a good work and please may provide more photos of some actor and actress
108 29/May/1998 N.Senthilnathan Singapore nice homepage keep it it up
107 13/May/1998 Gopi   well done
106 08/May/1998 Prem Anand SF, U S A We should be able to maximise the images of actors and actresses. This is just a suggestion.
105 06/May/1998 Nithin Chennai Gokul,Your page is much better than going to Chennai and hearing there first hand. Comprehensive and enjoyable film news coverage, now that Chennai is becoming the center of film world in India, there is much more to look forward to in your page.Thanks muchBest wishes
104 05/May/1998 Lisa Mutholy Bangalore,India Nice to know you like jeans so much,but I still think its ASH who does the trick and knowing you guys it can only be ASH
103 30/Apr/1998 Bashoo U S A Athu saeri Goks, Jeans petta. I have not seen it but from your review i can visualize(Pravin Shekhar) style.
102 28/Apr/1998 Kathiresan U S A Nice to know that there is some information exchange with SVCE alumni. Keep up the good work!
101 27/Apr/1998 Lollu Boys U S A The Page Is Great. Our Special Thanks To Gokul For His Great Work. We Also Want To Take Some Credit Because We Are Fans Of Goks And We Are Also Running Another Express. Thanks Again Goks For Ur News To Our Express.With Love,Lollu Boys And Girls [(Prabhu, Rajesh, Gayathri, Sandhya, Aarthi, Arun)]
100 17/Apr/1998 Ganesh Malaysia The best site I ever read. Keep up the good work.
99 16/Apr/1998 C.S.Baskaran   This is a good source for us to keep up inform latest news. Good work. Thanks for your service
98 16/Apr/1998 Geethakrishnan India cooooooooooool man. Nice reviews. Update the SVCE news also when u find time.
97 11/Apr/1998 Vatsala Vivek U S A it has been a long time since I read some refreshing anecdotes about the movie stars and movie makers. Having been in this Western land and watching the "so revealing shots" I felt the sweet breeze brush all over this neighborhood starting from my home. I also watched Kadhalukku Mariyadhai" many times on the video tape- The hero and the heroine are so decent, so disciplined and so much in love yet very much drawn to the sacred affection of the parents and siblings. "Eloping" is a cruel word to use. Circumstances necessitated them to leave the town.Please accept our appreciation for keeping us informed of the entertainment world. I care less about the Bollywood and Hollywood.
96 24/Mar/1998 Seelan Denmark THIS PAGE GREAT
95 08/Mar/1998 Deeno Singapore i enjoyed your page.
94 07/Mar/1998 Kirthika U S A Hi Gokul, Better make your page colurful and change the light green colours to better ones. The link to filmfare magazine is worthy in your page.
93 24/Feb/1998 Subashini Raj Malaysia Keep up the good work.Thanks for all the information.
92 21/Feb/1998 Chandrasekhar Vaidyanathan   the SVCE news page looks totally professional and had me transported to SVCE.
91 19/Feb/1998 Venkat Bangalore Good work needs more Color Pictures and big time hits listed. Keep up the Good Work.
90 09/Feb/1998 Srividya Ramamurthy Bangalore Hi, Gokul,Sorry for the delay in signing this book.Good that U came over.Hey!! Your news has to be updated. Otherwise the Page is Good!!! So, how did U find the visit??Do, mail.
89 21/Jan/1998 Manohar Malaysia Can you send me a list of Tamil movies produced in1970's and 80' (alpahatical order )with main actor andactress.What you want to know from Malaysia do let me know-visit our country - I will meet youThank you.
88 11/Jan/1998 Vatsala Vivek Philadelphia,U S A Your tamil cinema news page is excellent with news we can read and use in selecting the videos we wish to watch. I am a fan of your home page as well. I did'nt feel I was wasting my time. Just one thought.Perhaps some one should check the spelling using the spelling tool. Please note that I din'nt write this to criticize or hurt your feelings.You have taken so much time and interest to entertain people like us who have no access to many interesting events and entertainments happening in India-in the Tamil speaking Chennai. Best wishes for a Happy New Year!!! And Happy Pongal to you and your family!!!!
87 10/Jan/1998 Gurunathan Madras Hi Gokul.... Your Page is too good.. Thanks for updating us with SVCE News...With LoveGuru (High Court)
86 08/Jan/1998 Giridharapuram Suresh Culpeper ,Virginia Excellant work, Keep updating regularlyI think the author is Illaiyaraja Fan a lot like me, I like that.
85 28/Dec/1997 N.Krishnan / Mansoor Dubai You site a lovely. We appreciate it. But we will be happy if you could put some lovely film photographs of latest movies on the website to view it and down load it. Hope you would appreciate our suggestion.Regards. N.Krishnan / S.Mansoor - Dubai [I bought my first Scanner for people like Krishnan]
83 14/Dec/1997 Uma Bala Canada good work!!!! needs more pictures.
82 06/Dec/1997 Subadra Vasudevan Canada Hi Gokul, I am writing from Calgary, Canada. I am a pucca Madarasi. Your web site is a really crazy & entertaining one.Where can I get good tamil movies?
81 12/Nov/1997 Richard Rajsekaran Singapore Wonderful work man! Hope you can keep it up just as well. The whole Tamil Community would really appreciates your work! Hope you can add in some pictures as well! Never pass a day without checking out your page! Thanks!
80 11/Nov/1997 Britto Justine U S A Nice To Hear Some News About Tamil Filmdom. It Would Be Better If You Can Add Some Movie Clips To The News.Rest Is Fine…
79 11/Nov/1997 G C. Subramanyam U S A Good work !! keep it up
78 06/Nov/1997 Vatsala Vivek Philadelphia,U S A Yo! Gokul-I tumbled and landed on your site.I enjoyed reading the pages had lot of fun after a hard day's work in this competetive world .Read my e.mail showing my appreciation. Keep up the good Samaritan's job. It relieves stress and relaxes the body and the mind. I would'nt even have heard if some one stole my car parked outside and the alarm went off!! Yo! I live in Philly, the city of Brotherly love with lot of Italians, chinese, Vietnamese and Koreans and African Americans. No neighbors who speak Tamil. Your web site is my friend . I love Tamil and India.Good Luck!
77 29/Oct/1997 J.Bhaskaran Singapore I have visited this page already and had wanted to send my comments but somehow missed it. Now Prakash of TCNML introduced this to me and I am here again. How do you find time to do such things? Keep up your spirits
76 26/Oct/1997 Matheepan Panchalingam Sri Lanka Nice page, keep up the good work.
75 24/Oct/1997 Kitty Canada Good! Keep it up. Why don't you get some pictures of the stars.
74 24/Oct/1997 Vijay.K Singapore Keep it the good work.
73 23/Oct/1997 Sripriya,Venkat Santa Clara, U S A hello gokul ,good job. our only grievance is -why none of ilayaraja's music is on real audio?
72 20/Oct/1997 Srivas Bangalore It' s good to see some one providing info about Tamil cinema. Keep up the good work. Can you provide a special section for having info about young stars? I am wondering if you allow people to ask questions about specific stars ? I am especially interested in knowing more about this guy called Abbas
71 20/Oct/1997 Preethi, Prabhu, Rajesh Miami, U S A That is great. Prabu and Rajesh of Lollu Boys said about u. We think that u are doing a great job. We are fortunate to have a real "COOL" friend like u. Keep ur good job.
70 18/Oct/1997 A. John De Britto. Sri Lanka Its a great home page to know latest news about tamil flim industry
69 14/Oct/1997 R.Jothilingam Uk I am delighted to see the Tamil society's Home Page. My wishes for your future success.
68 12/Oct/1997 Bashoo U S A Sorry da. I didnt c ur page propeerly .The news is superb and great to hear that Thalaiavar is doing film with Prabhudeva but who gets Ramba as heroine. i am sure its not kamal.I think ur page is super but just try changing the color of the opening page which is in blue. i will try sending some pages of Textures or check out Office 97 or publisher or Frontpage. They are supposed 2 be good. BAshoo
67 11/Oct/1997 Karunakaran   oru thadava sonna ... noooru thadava sonna mathir !!!
66 05/Oct/1997 Nithin Sreedevan Chennai Excellent contribution. We have to make more efforts to present the great works of various actors, composers, lyricists of the 60s and 70s, when Tamil Cinema had purity, originality, innocence and amzaing legends of the cinema. Thanks again. Nithin Sreedevan
65 24/Sep/1997 Sriram Ganapathy Detroit, Mi The page looks neat.
64 24/Sep/1997 Senthuran Canada It's an excellent job.
63 23/Sep/1997 Vagulabhaskaran Madras the home page has some good links.
62 09/Sep/1997 Bashoo U S A thanga mudiyala.pls change the color da.
61 09/Sep/1997 K.Vijiyan Malaysia keep up your good work but i really wish you could spare more time to update your page. and ask your two reviewers to spare more time to tamil reviews. here is a deluge of reviews of hindi movies on the net but so few on tamil movies. maybe you can invite readers to send in their reviews of the latest movies. then your burden will be less and you will be doing a great service to all. it was by chance that i got your website.
60 06/Sep/1997 Murali Korea Please update regularly
59 04/Sep/1997 Srinivasan Chakravarthy Chennai I belong to 91-95 batch. Excellent work. Keep updating...
58 03/Sep/1997 D.Sreehari Dubai Once in how many months U update? Keep updating regularly. Anyway you are doing pretty good job. Keep it up.
57 31/Aug/1997 Sunita Malaysia Please do include songs and movies of yesteryears! Thank You !! See you around. By thw way , did you hear about the tragedy of Princess Diana??
56 29/Aug/1997 Bashoo U S A after u have gone to Blore nothings been updated. Pls update as soon as possible cos I am going crazy out here
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