Gokul & Prem's Tamil Cinema Review

Wednesday, February 22, 2006


Rating: 2.5/5
Cast: Ajith & Laila
Music: Vidyasagar
Direction: P Vasu
Remark: Parama-Waste

One hit movie for Rajinikanth and the world has started singing praises of P Vasu. Little does he realize that this hit is a tribute the charisma of Super Star (whose BABA failure triggered fans to ensure that this was his biggest hit). Vasu even refused to give credit to Fazil for his malayalam classic, MANICHITRATHAZHU (which was released as CHANDRAMUKHI with few changes). Now, P Vasu is back as a hit director and this time he is going to give a boost to the otherwise declining Ajith's market. The last 5 movies of Ajith have run for 100 days. Well, this is a white lie…..the truth is, the last 5 movies together totals to less than 100 days in theatre. He was deemed to return majestically into the top hero spot,with this movie,somehow was not at all upto the mark. He looked famished and still sported the 'ajakku' style speech. Director Vasu's photocopy of hindi film KARTOOS is a disappointment.

The story in short. Ajith is a criminal sentenced to death. Bomb blast in Coimbatore. Policeman Prakashraj makes use of Ajith to find the terrorists and kill them. Prakashraj plans to kill Ajith after his mission. Meanwhile Ajith falls in love with Laila. Does Ajith succeed? Yes, he does. Does Prakashraj kill Ajith? Are you stupid…how can that happen?

Ajith has lost some 15kgs. He looks like a patient. He sucked in almost all the scenes he featured,mainly the ones where he interacted with the Gulete guy(villain Saamiyaar).He shared zero chemistry with the heroine and it seemed there was so apparent reason for them to get into romance/wedlock. I really wanted to know if it was the return of 'thalai' or 'thalai-ezhuthu'? Laila still tries to sport that cute smile of hers and hope to get a chance in the next movie,just based on her smile.Absolutely no effort in terms of acting or defining a role that gets etched on to the viewer's minds.Also, why is she being made to act as a dumb,stupid lass in every other movie?

Prakashraj,the stereotyped character. The film could have been named parama-PrakashRaj,as he was the one who occupied more than half the movie. Tamil films new age trend : Every movie needs to have a 'Matrix-like' body-bending act and a highly nonsensical graphic based fight defying all laws of physics.This movie adhered to this newage stupid genre too. Vivek's comedy,for some reason didn't seem to be that good.The spontaneity and funny factor was all missing and it was well evident that he was trying too hard to come up with the limited pun and fun his dialogues carried. Music by Vidyasagar is a disappointment too.

Are we Vijay Fans? Yes, we are. Is this review biased? No, it is not. Is there nothing good about this film? Yes…there is one nice thing (No…no...not the popcorn in canteen)….it is Ajith. Ajith has given his blood and soul to make a comeback. He definitely has swetted out. His hardwork is seen in many frames. He will definitely comeback….but….that will not happen with this film. Paramasivan - Parama waste.

- Gokul Santhanam & Prem Anand S


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