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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Idhaya Thirudan

Rating: 2.0/5
Cast: 'Jeyam' Ravi & Kaamna
Music: Bharadhwaj
Direction: Charan
Remark: Does not steal our hearts

The combination: Director Saran (who has given hits like Amarkalam, Gemini and Vasool Raja MBBS),Big time producer Kavithalaya Movies (K Balachander's production house), Young romance-action hero Jeyam Ravi, Glamour girl Kamna, Music Director Bharadwaj and Crazy Mohan for dialogues.The outcome: A Disaster.

The story revolves around the mischievous, flirting, stubborn and rebellious Kamna Jethmalini, the grand daughter of the reputed lawyer and former Union Minister, Ram Jethmalani. Her mother is the strict and dominant, Home Secretary, played with dignity by comeback artiste, Vani Vishwanath. To fool her, Kamna sends a disturbing email under an imaginary name, T. Mahesh. But there is a real man under the name, the hero Jeyam Ravi. Ravi is picked up by the Assistant Commissioner, Prakash Raj on the charges of sending the email. Again Ravi is held, when Kamna is kidnapped by the wanted killer, Nasser. These coincidences make Ravi fall in love with Kamna and he deeply believes that she is destined for him.Kamna feels that Ravi is the same dominating person like her own mother and despises him. While Ravi is confident till the end that he can easily win her over, Kamna is equally stubborn in rejecting him. In trying to avoid him, she feigns love towards, police officer, Prakash Raj. Prakash Raj takes Ravi's advice and help in trying to woo Kamna. Ravi plays a mental waiting game, all the while knowing that Kamna will come out with her love at some point. Marriage is arranged between Prakash Raj and Kamna and how Kamna finally reveals her love forms the end to the movie.

The director knows he has no strong story and has entrusted the entire move on Kamna's naval...err...shoulders. Every scene of Kamna with her chiseled face and nose sends heat waves. Belly is not meant for spinning a top and making omelet alone, but they have shown her belly as large as making a special dosa. Kamna’s mother might as well be the owner of a chewing gum factory rather than the Interior Secretary. The number of chewing gums Kamna eats in every scene would have helped to paste posters of this film. Kamna has all the makings to be successful in the Tamil film world. She not only catches the eye for her revealing costumes, but also for her natural poise and for her good portrayal of a rebellious, carefree and naughty character.

Saran seems to have forgotten to do his homework properly. The flow is missing in the plot. It looks like a hurriedly pieced together bunch of both niceties and some follies. The narration has the wanted killer Nasser and the heroine's father, who is a big shot, as the backdrop. But the build up is of no use to the story line and defuses to nothing in the end. Prakash Raj's role is that of a serious police officer, but often he is made to look like a comic character. His rugby team looks innovative, but again it is far from reality. The scene where the truth about the hero's family is revealed is an emotional one but evokes no emotions. Ravi has done much better compared to earlier disasters. Charan-Bharadwaj combination generally makes the music interesting. But in ‘Idhayathirudan,’ the music is disappointing. Even 'Goiango Goiango'(the 'Seena Thana' type of song), with Jyothirmayee is below par.
Idhaya Thirudan does not steal our hearts.
- Gokul Santhanam & Prem Anand S


At Friday, October 12, 2007 7:40:00 AM, Abila said...

First I am a deep fan of jeyam ravi. He has worked severely for his flims like daas, mazhai and it goes on he is an hand some actor. Your the best jeyam ravi...!


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