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Sunday, February 26, 2006


Rating: 4.0/5
Cast: Jeeva & Sandhya
Music: Vijay Antony
Direction: Sasi
Remark: Refreshing Punch

The director said in an interview, "Dishyum is not a war of hands but it a war of hearts. Rightly Said!. A simple love story told refreshingly with sensitivity stands out from the regular themes doing the rounds. It is sure to catch the young minds.

Big time film producer Oscar Films Ravichandran, of Anniyan fame has produced the movie. Director Sasi who is famous for his subtle love themes like Sollamaley and Roja Kootam, has again rendered a commendable performance. Actor Jeeva who shed his choclate-boy image and became an experimenting actor with Ram, continues his good work. Kaadhal fame Sandhya as the heroine, is maturing into a good actress.

The simple and uncomplicated story telling ability of the Director stands out. It revolves around a film stuntman, Jeeva as 'Risk' Baskar, who falls in love with Sandhya, who is an art & sculpture student. But the heroine treats him as a good friend. Realising that both their lives are too different to be united, Jeeva tries to get himself married to some other girl. Sandhya stops this saying that, later in life, if she also develops love towards him then they can think about marriage. Jeeva being a stuntman says, "If I can take risks in work, why can't I take a risk in love". The interactions continue and Sandhya almost falls in love with him and wants to marry him, when her father, a fire fighter - portrayed with ease by Nasser, dies in a major fire fighting exercise. Her mother, the small screen fame, Malavika, does not want her daughter to risk her future by marrying a man, whose profession involves lot of risks. Jeeva too feels the same way and parts her. Sandhya is about to be married to another man. How their inner chemistry for each other succeeds in the end forms the final stages of the narration.

Jeeva looks tailor made for the role, essaying the innocent, straight talking, fearless and pure-hearted, stuntman with aplomb. Sandhya, as a liberal, friendly and practical art student, is apt and lively. She reminds the viewer of the senior pro in the industry, Jyothika. Malayalam actor Pakru, as the hero's dwarf friend Amitabh, has helped to enliven the drama to a great extent. Apart from sending ripples across the audience, he also succeeds in touching their hearts with an emotional aspect to his habit of asking for loans. Music is by Vijay Anthony. The temple festival dance number will make the youth tap their feet. The background score supports the narration well. You will leave the theatre humming 'Nenjakootil' or 'Poo Meethu'. Cinematographer Sentonio Dersio has also done a good job. The second half slackens a little and the climax scene could have been handled better. The climax fails to hook on the attention of the audience and bind them emotionally. All in all it is an absorbing story telling with minimum fuss for the youth.

Director Sasi has given only 3 movies in the last 7 years! He should direct more films.

- Gokul Santhanam & Prem Anand S


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