Gokul & Prem's Tamil Cinema Review

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Sivaji - The BOSS

Rating: 3.5/5
Cast: Rajini & Shreya
Music: A R Rehman
Direction: Shankar
Remark: No Logic only Shankar's Magic

Finally the wait is over!! The premiere show of SIVAJI in Albert was as noisy as any first day first show....because....this was not a premiere for the classes...it was a premiere for the masses! Normally in a Super Star movie, everything else is secondary - Director, Musician, Cinematographer, et all. However this film is different. The expectations were high not just because it was a Super Star film but also because he joined hands with one of the best directors of today, Shankar. Add to this, AR Rehman's music, KV Anand's cinematography, Thotta Tharani's art direction and produced by one of the oldest production houses - AVM. When such great people combine, the expectation were sky high. Does this team deliver? Before answering that, here is the story.

The Story: Sivaji (Rajini) returns from US with a lot of money (he was working as a System Architect!). His ambition is to start several colleges and hospitals that would offer free education and medical treatment. Aadiseshan (Suman) is a millionaire, who mints money through his educational institutions and hospitals. Suman is keen on not allowing Rajini to succeed, since he feels that when education and medical facilities become cheap, he will not profit from that business. Parallely, Rajini fall in love with Shreya and with help from his uncle (Vivek!), he tries to win over her. Just before the first half of the movie, Rajini succeeds in getting engaged to Shreya. During the same time, Suman uses political power to stop the construction of the colleges and hospital and makes Rajini a pauper. He suggests Rajini to take begging as profession and offers him Re.1. Rajini spins this coin and says he will use the coin to regain his position...... Intermission. The super fast second half starts with Rajini using the coin to dial Suman on an income tax raid. He uses this ploy to find out the details of Suman's tax evading assets and blackmails him till he parts with a 100 crore. He uses the same trick to get money from similar bigwigs and collects Rs.4600 Crores. Using an intelligent idea, he converts all the black money to white and starts developing Tamil Nadu. The CBI con Shreya in getting truth about Sivaji's means of amassing wealth and then arrest him. His enemies try to kill him in the jail. [Warning: Spoilers start here] While his enemies think that they have succeeded in their mission, Sivaji escapes and returns from USA as a new person (with a bald head). The new Sivaji takes revenge on Suman and later makes TN a better place to live in.

Now the answer. Yes!, This combination delivers. Though Shankar has not managed to exceed the expectations (which he has always managed to do), in this case, atleast he has met the expectations. Making a Super Star film is not easy and Shankar has done it with ease. Rajini looks "Cool" and young. He definitely looks the age of Vivek. Shankar has done everything to satisfy Rajini fans. Rajini has given his 200% for this film and his efforts reflect in every frame. Shreya is homely in normal sequences and sexy in songs. Vivek's comedy is average and evokes laughter in few scenes. KV Anand is brilliant (especially in picturizing the song sequences). Credit goes to the art director too. The biggest let down is the stunts. The action sequences are pathetic and lack originality. First half occasionally drags but is well compensated by the fast second half. The last 30 minutes, with the arrival of Sivaji in Bald head, the film moves at jet pace. The audiences throughly enjoy the mannerisms of Rajini in his bald appearance.

Have I missed out something? yeah! The trademark shankar songs! Here it is

1. Ballelaka - Opening song with nayanthara. Picturized similar to "Thevuda Thevuda" but in a much more splendid manner. Least impressive amongst the 5 songs.
2. Vaaji Vaaji - Out of the world setting! You would not have seen such a splendid piece of art work before. A huge 3 storeyed atrium set with swimming pool and lot of colours. The song stands out.
3. Style - Rajini with fair complexion and different wigs. A treat to his fans. Prabhudeva's choreography is good too.
4. Sahana - You will wonder, where Shankar gets such ideas from. The Glass houses and pyramid...they are still in my eyes (and beautiful Shreya too)
5. Bonus Songs – Rajini appears as Sivaji, MGR and Kamal. He dances for some of their old songs and this is a highlight of the film. This bit leads to the last song.
6. Athiradee – An action song which is a mixture of fight & duet. Involves lot of graphics and fast pace gets audience on their feet

The film is a commercial masala, prepared for Rajini fans. There are several logical misses. A few cuts in the first half would have made the film enjoyable to the others too. What the heck. We pay to enjoy and that’s what we get. Watch this movie for Rajini & Shankar. You may not get to see a bigger tamil film for a long time.

He is definitely the BOSS

- Gokul Santhanam & Prem Anand S